Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Last year we started a tradition of wrapping Christmas pjs for Ellington for her to open early in December.  I bought one polka dotted pair and ordered a monogrammed one, but we didn't get the monogrammed one in time to open, but that's ok...Ellington didn't know the difference!

We also started a new tradition this year.  I wrapped up 24 Christmas books...one to open up each night leading up to Christmas.  I just wrapped books we already had.  Being a preschool teacher, I had just enough! :)  I also included some board books that were a little babyish, but I needed to use all we had to make 24.  Ellington LOVED doing this every night!  It was also nice because every night during December when we said, "Ok, time for bed" we didn't get a single complaint. :)

Ready for the first Sunday in December!
I looooove Christmas clothes!

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