Sunday, February 10, 2013

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is always a super special time.  I feel like it is pretty low key and that's exactly how I like it!  I explained in more detail in a blog post last year about how we "do" Santa.  Just to recap, we don't really.  Ellington knows Santa as a character, but she doesn't think that he brings her things on Christmas morning.  Everything she got she knows is from Mommy and Daddy.  

So, here are her fun surprises on Christmas morning!  The chair is something we have had for awhile, it's just there to hold stuff up. :)

It was really hard figuring out what to get her this year!  Every time we asked her what she wanted she would usually just say stuff that she already had or she would say that she wanted a cookie.  Ha.  So, I had to kind of come up with it all on my own. :)

Robert and I haven't gotten each other Christmas gifts since our first Christmas together because, quite frankly, Christmas is expensive.  This year we had both saved up money to get each other a special gift.  It was SOOO exciting.  I knew that Robert had NO CLUE what I was getting him and I also knew that he would be super excited about it.  He was shocked when I got him a Keurig!  That was definitely one of my favorite moments of Christmas!

Christmas morning breakfast.  And ya'll, I promise I was there Christmas morning.  We don't have a single picture of me to prove it though!

Ellington LOVES throwing parties so this treat tower was PERFECT for her!

After breakfast we had to get busy, but thankfully Ellington was super occupied by her toys.  We all had to get ready, unpack the car from Brownsville, pack our bags for Philadelphia, and repack the car.  Severe weather (as in tornadoes!) was in the forecast so we were trying to move extra fast to beat the weather as well.  Next stop, Philadelphia!

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