Tuesday, February 12, 2013

January and a Snow Day

January was long. Really really long! I thought it would never end! But, eventually it did. :) The biggest change that January brought was Robert starting his new job. His new schedule has taken a lot of getting use to. We don't see him nearly as much as we are use to and he works 3 Saturdays a month. That's definitely the hardest part. I think it took all of us most of the month adjusting to a whole new schedule for our family. Ellington and I were able to go to Olive Branch one Saturday in January to celebrate Connor turning 6 and Brody turning 2. We had a blast but I forgot to take my camera! :( That is a basic trend of January. I took no pictures. The only thing I have pictures of is our snow day. 

Robert had to go to work even in the snow so it was just E and I at home.  I didin't want to go out (it's just not my thing) but obviously I needed to take Ellington!  She loved it but it was FREEZING.  You can't really tell in the pictures, but the snow was still coming down pretty hard and the wind was crazy.  We didn't last long at all outside!

A little later in the morning Ellington got to play outside with her friends Austin and Thomas.  She had a BLAST!!!  She just ran and squealed and had so much fun!  She would have stayed out forever but her clothes were soaking wet (because obviously we don't have appropriate snow clothes).  She loved the snow!

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