Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Fun Filled Saturday

This past Saturday Robert had to work so Ellington and I did our new Saturday morning routine...Walmart.  Ha.  Lovely.  It's gotta be done, right?  Saturday after nap Ellington and I headed to Thomas' 2nd bday party.  Robert and I are in a small group with Thomas' parents and therefor E and Thomas hang out a lot!  Ellington loooves a birthday party!

Ellington got to make a car that she could wear.  Sh loved this little project!

Can you tell that she was a little bit excited?  Ha!

Mary Beth tried to get all of the kids together for a picture with their cars, but these were the only cooperative ones!

The birthday boy!

After the party we headed home to meet up with Robert, who had gotten off work, to head to the rodeo.  I will admit this is not our normal activity but it was a lot of fun!  It was definitely a fun family activity!  Before it started they had pony rides and a petting zoo.  

I LOVE this picture.  It pretty much sums up how Ellington was feeling. :)

This was Ellington's first rodeo...and pony ride!

This isn't the best picture but I loved her sweet face!

I made Robert walk beside her even though she would have probably been perfectly fine alone. :)

It was definitely not a normal activity for us, but we had a blast!

And ya'll, with this post I am caught back up!  I feel like our lives haven't been very exciting lately so I am not sure what I will blog about but hopefully I can come up with something!  Thanks for sticking around. :)

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  1. Love her face while riding the pony. We are thinking of going to the rodeo in a few weeks.

    You can blog about your pregnancy a little. About the rest of the move! What is Robert's new job?