Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Week 2013

I loooove Valentine's Day!  Ellington does too which makes it even more fun.  It is so funny to me when people are grumpy about Valentine's Day and say it's just a holiday that Hallmark created.  Well, ok.  I don't mind!  It is still fun.  And it isn't really the romantic part (at all), it's just fun to show people you love (no matter who they, friends, coworkers...whoever!) that you care and give little treats!  It also is a good distraction from winter wearing on.  

We started out a few days early on Tuesday and made some Valentine cupcakes.  I say "we".  Ha.  Once again it was all Robert and Ellington.  Although I did ice the cupcakes! :)

Wednesday morning Ellington and I had our Valentine parties at school.  She was SOOOO excited!  If you are a teacher you know that Vday is the WILDEST holiday of the whole school year.  My class this year didn't disappoint.  Ha.  It was a crrrrrazy morning but the kids had a blast.

Thursday morning (actually Valentine's Day) Ellington and I woke up to some wonderful surprises!  I wasn't expecting anything but Robert got me flowers, Reese's hearts, a card (with a itunes gift card so I could get a couple of books!), and he made cinnamon rolls.  This pregnant lady was the most excited about the cinnamon rolls!!!!  I mean, a warm breakfast that was already done?!  Yes please!

Ellington got a few surprises too!

We met Robert for lunch and had one of the best lunches together.  I have NO clue what made it so special but I just had the best time!  What a fun Valentine's Day we had!!  Ellington is already asking what holiday comes next. :)