Sunday, December 12, 2010

11 on the 11th

As a fun and different way to document our day yesterday I took a picture on the hour every hour for 11 consecutive hours. Yesterday I really really wanted to be in Jackson snuggling sweet Emerson, but Robert and I had the stomach bug this past week. While we're both totally better I went back to work on Friday and discovered that soooo many people have it! So, while I might be symptom free, being around a newborn probably isn't the best idea. :( So we decided to go to Tupelo and attempt finishing our Christmas shopping. We are very minimalistic when it comes to Christmas buying and shopping but we did have a few things we needed to get. Plus...Robert actually didn't have to work this weekend!!! I have felt like it's a holiday with him around for two days! Here was our day!

8 a.m. - Breakfast (yogurt and blueberry muffins)

9 a.m. - On the road

10 a.m. - Arriving in Tupelo with a sleeping passenger

11 a.m. - Lunch in the food court at the mall

Noon - A stop at Barnes And Noble to crawl around
(By the way, she was owning that stage!)

1 p.m. - Shopping
(Ellington got tired of her stroller so she got out for a bit!)

2 p.m. - Snack time for Ellington

3 p.m. - Heading home

4 p.m. - Tickle time!

5 p.m. - Supper at Old Venice
(Robert and I met each other for the first time exactly 7 years ago this night at Old Venice and have pretty much been together since then! We like to go eat there on December 11th whenever we get a chance to!)

6 p.m. - All 3 of us playing together by the Christmas tree :)

Our time together is very limited and happens very rarely. What a great and simple day we had together!

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  1. that wouldn't be the old venice "Lord of the onion rings" night would it? That was epic...