Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Parties

Last week I had a Christmas party with all of the people I work with. I had to take Ellington with me because Robert was at work. Honestly, I was a little bummed that I couldn't go alone. The idea of having a meal with adults and not having to tear up a grilled cheese into bite size pieces or retrieving a sippy cup off of the floor sounded really appealing! But, if I was going to go...Ellington had to go! And we actually ended up having the best time. Everyone of course already knows her so she just fit right in! The best part of the night from a mama's perspective was everyone talking about how sweet and well behaved she was! Robert and I are so blessed to have such a sweet girl. :)

I forgot to take my camera to the party, but I did take the picture below after we got home. She was soooo wound up from the party that it took her a LONG time to fall asleep that night!

Sunday night our church had Christmas party that we went to. We had lots of yummy food, enjoyed singing some Christmas carols, and listened to a book read to the children.

My parents have a Christmas party every year for family and friends. The party was Tuesday night so Ellington and I went to Philadelphia on Tuesday afternoon. Of course, no visit to Grams and Pop's house is complete without a ride in the wagon!

Several weeks back at physical therapy we worked on crawling up stairs and Ellington wanted NOTHING to do with it. Well, as you can see she is now a pro and is so proud of herself!!! (Going down them is another story though!)

Ready for the party!

I don't like it when people's blog make it look like being a parent is really easy. That annoys me because it's pretty much impossible for everything to go smoothly. On this particular day I discovered Ellington had a fever when we got to Philadelphia. She also was NOT interested in me leaving the room or having anyone else hold her. I can only assume it was her teeth because 75% of the pictures I took of her on Tuesday look like this:

But, we survived! I just did a lot of holding (hence no pictures taken during the party) and had to put her to bed a little earlier than planned...and way before the party was over.

As I mentioned, Ellington didn't want anyone else to hold her but we convinced her to take a quick picture with Grams! :)

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  1. I had so much fun the other night, but hate that I missed seeing that sweet girl. It really struck me looking at these pictures how big she's gotten!