Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy 30th Robert!

On Friday morning after Thanksgiving we left for Robert's surprise 30th birthday trip! He had NO idea where we were going until we got in the car that morning. I gave him a card to fill him in!

The front:

The top inside said, "You are going to...".
The bottom said:

We enjoyed our nice (quiet!) drive to Nashville. When we got there I told Robert that we would be staying at the Opryland Hotel. If you haven't ever been there, just know that it's definitely a hotel like no other! Robert didn't think we would be staying there because just the day before he read an article about how the hotel had just opened back up after the flood they had in the Spring. So, he was really surprised! We enjoyed staying there, but I would never recommend staying there during Christmas. Because of other Christmas exhibits they had going on we literally spent hours (all total) in traffic right on the property. It was pretty much a nightmare!!!

The birthday boy!

Robert and I had a wonderful time just being TOGETHER! If you don't think only seeing each other 30-45 minutes a day and never being together for supper, evenings, every Friday night, and most Saturday nights, etc. is hard on a marriage you would be WRONG! It was such a blessing to have time to just talk and catch up and not have to worry about nap schedules, crying in the backseat, and throwing food on the floor! We love Ellington DEARLY and we talked constantly about how much she would have LOVED all of the decorations and lights, but it was so nice to have time alone.

I hope you enjoyed your birthday surprise Robert!!!


  1. So happy for y'all that you did this!!!! Rob and I go away for a weekend every year for our anniversary with NO KIDS!!! Sometimes it's just to his aunt and uncles house on the coast, but we get to be ALONE!!!! I live all year long for those weekends! Glad y'all had fun.

  2. Looks like a fun trip! Makes me want to go to Nashville.

  3. yay!!! a new post!!! i enjoyed reading about y'alls trip and loved the pic of me and gus ;) i am glad he didn't die too! love you lots-HAPPY DAY BEFORE YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!