Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pajama Day and Visiting Emerson

Friday was pajama day at school so Ellington and I picked out our best Christmas pj's and headed off to school!

I meant to take more pictures while we were at school, but I got busy with the babies and didn't get many.

Ha! What a WONDERFUL present! :)

After school on Friday Ellington and I went to Jackson to finally see Emerson again! I hadn't gotten to hold him yet so it was about time!

Ellington wore her "Big Cousin" shirt again since this is the first time that they have actually met! :) Looking through the glass at the hospital doesn't really count!

We wanted to get a picture of Ellington and Emerson together, but I wasn't sure if it would work out or not. It's really hard to get Ellington to sit still these days to take her picture. Also, when she sits on couches now she likes to bounce all around. But, we put Emerson down beside her and she sat so nicely for quite awhile as we all snapped a ton of pictures!

What a precious baby!

I LOVED getting to hold such a tiny baby again! Bryant and LeAnna, I will come hold him ANY time you need a break! :)


  1. I got all excited when I first glanced at this "big cousin" shirt thinking it said "big sister" :) Adorable pictures!!!

  2. I loved the picture of E with the bow on her head!
    Also, E should def get a shirt with "big sister" written on it. *wink*wink*
    Your camera or my computer made Bryant's walls look bright yellow!I kind of like it!

  3. P.S. the word I had to type in to leave the previous comment was "gistring" not very family friendly. ;)