Thursday, December 16, 2010

Open Cabinets and Stashed Bananas

If you come to my house at any time of the day now you are likely to find this:

Ellington is VERY into opening all of the cabinets right now. It's pretty precious...especially since she doesn't touch a thing in the cabinets! Amazing, right? She's a sweet girl that little Ellington. :)

I just realized after posting these pictures that you could see the "Does not work!" sign. Awhile back our garbage disposal stopped working. (Which my friends, is SO SAD!) I have always had a garbage disposal and after it broke I sometimes started putting food down it without even thinking. So, anyway...I had to put a sign up to remind myself! It's been so long now that I could probably take it down and be ok!

Also with the new love of opening and closing cabinets has come a love for opening and closing doors to rooms. I am terrified that she is going to shut her finger in a door, but I am not going to hover over her constantly. That's just one of those life lessons that you sometimes have to learn the hard way. The funniest part about it is that she will tell us "bye" and then crawl to her room and shut the door! Ha! I am beginning to wonder if she is 14 months or 14 years old?!

Ellington is a BIG fan of bananas. Usually I slice a few bites at a time and then she gets so mad when she's done with what I have sliced and she has to wait on me to slice more. So the other day I decided to slice the whole thing and put it on her highchair. I was busy in the kitchen and looked over to see it ALL gone in a very short amount of time. Upon closer inspection I found this....
She was stashing it away!

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