Tuesday, December 7, 2010

14 Months

Ellington, you turned 14 months last week! Slow down!!! :) You are such a sweetie pie and your Daddy and I love you more than anything in the whole wide world! You are changing SO MUCH every day. It's such a joy to watch you grow and develop.

What are you up to at 14 months old?
  • You wear size 18-24 month clothes and a size 4 diaper.
  • You eat mostly table food, but sometimes you eat baby food just to get more fruits and veggies in you. :)
  • You LOVE LOVE LOVE bread! If bread was a love language, that would be yours!
  • You are all about waving! You will wave to anyone and everyone. Riding in a shopping cart is like riding on a parade float to you. You just wave and wave and wave. You charm everyone we see.
  • You understand A LOT of what we say!
  • You are adding new words every day! You are so verbal!!! A few new words this month (and I'm sure I'm not remembering them all)- bear, sock, Big Bob, Laura, up, Reagan, Rigby (my parent's cat), truck, done, boom, bow, Bryant, banana, water
  • You use sign language for the word "more". You also use the sign to tell us when you are hungry. You use the sign A LOT!!! You enjoy eating. :)
  • When we turn on our street you start screaming "Da Da Da Da Da". You do this because on days you go to school Daddy meets us at the car to get you out. Unfortunately, most times when you are saying this he isn't at home and you get disappointed!
  • You still go to Parent's Morning Out three mornings a week with Mommy and stay home the other two days with Daddy.
  • You say "baaaa" when we ask you what the sheep says.
  • You know where your head is and where your socks are.
  • You give your baby dolls love when we say "love baby". You hold it really close to your face, sway, and say "ohhhhh". It is the most precious thing I've ever seen!!!
  • You now move all around in your crib. You use to lay exactly where I put you in pretty much the same position, but physical therapy has helped you so much in being able to move all around!
  • You are now crawling and pulling up so much faster!
  • You can walk with a push toy, but you get tired very quickly.
  • You can eat a whole banana in record time! It's by FAR your favorite fruit.
  • You still love balls and balloons. You point them out everywhere we go.
  • You've got some moves! :) You LOVE music and anytime you hear music (all different types) you break out into dancing. Precious.
  • You simply adore grilled cheese and cheese toast.
  • You now bring us books to read to you. This makes this book lover very happy!
  • You are starting to wrinkle your nose when you smile and you know that it's REALLY REALLY cute!
  • You cry when you are told "no" and usually immediately stop whatever the behavior was. The only exception to this is when it comes to throwing your food and your cup on the floor. We haven't gotten that eliminated yet!


  1. Such a sweetheart. We are so thankful for her and for the wonderful parents that you and Robert are.

  2. The picture at the top is so cute! Love the dress.