Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day {And Beyond} In Brownsville

On Christmas day we enjoyed the snowy drive to Brownsville, TN. I kept looking at Robert with a face that said, "Can you believe it's Christmas day and there is snow everywhere???!!!" It was delightful. Truly delightful.

Once we got there we were so happy to see everyone and Connor got right to entertaining Ellington! He's such a great big cousin!

The game of this Christmas was a dice game called Farkle.

Ellington REALLY enjoyed all of MiMi's Christmas books!

Jake & Julie decorated the cookies.

Robert & Connor were going to play a game of Candy Land, but Ellington insisted on being involved so the game had to be put on hold. :)

Sunday morning cousin love.

Ellington did GREAT at church on Sunday morning! She actually slept through half of the service! She hasn't slept on my lap in public since she was just a few months old. The sleeping might have something to do with not taking an afternoon nap the day before, going to bed late, and then being up from 10:30 pm-2 am. But was much easier because of it!

Ellington & her uncles

Big Bob read the Christmas Story before we opened gifts.

Connor was great at helping Ellington with her gifts!

Ellington ended up in a box and enjoyed staying there for quite awhile!

Ellington showed off her horse riding skills to Big Bob before we left on Monday morning.

Thanks for having us Big Bob & MiMi and thanks to everyone for all of the great gifts!!!

We left Brownsville on Monday via Memphis because there were a couple of places we wanted to stop. I was SO excited to get two things half price that I've really had my eye on. We got a Little People Nativity for Ellington from LifeWay and I got a tree skirt from Pottery Barn Outlet. This is our 3rd Christmas together and I haven't ever had a tree skirt. If I could afford the skirts I saw, I didn't like them...and if I liked them I couldn't ever afford them. Well, on Monday I found a perfect one for $25 and it was originally $100! (By the way...I can't even fathom paying $100 for a TREE SKIRT)

That wraps up our Christmas! We truly enjoyed our second Christmas with sweet Ellington and loved experiencing it with her. This year I really thought a lot about family and simplifying during this crazy time of year as well as how I envision future Christmases. As I tell Robert all of the time, "I am so excited about our whole life together"....and that includes this wonderful time of year!


  1. Love the pics and hearing about your time in Brownsville. Won't be long before Ellington gets her other boy cousin. Hope all is well for Julie.

  2. Loved the pic of E in the box! Great post :) I also liked the picture of E with her uncles. Good to know she has lots of men to scare away stupid boys!