Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Festival of Trees

Back in November we went to Starkville's Festival of Trees. It seemed much to early to be doing Christmas activities so I decided to put off blogging about it and nearly forgot to do so! There are a ton of different trees on display that are decorated by various businesses and organizations and then auctioned off for charity. We went during a special time called "Cookies with Santa" so that we could take Ellington's picture with Santa Clause.

I will let this picture speak for itself. :)

So, I was busy snapping pictures of my screaming child and then I see this picture on my camera:

Santa dropped Ellington! Ha! I have NO idea how this happened, but suddenly she was on the floor. She isn't one to fight and struggle when someone is holding her that she doesn't care for...so I don't know how she ended up on the ground!

Thankfully she wasn't traumatized for life. She was back to her smiley self once she was back with just Mommy and Daddy!

We used this picture on our Christmas card this year.

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  1. Great post! I really liked the Santa picture!