Friday, September 23, 2011

At the Lake

Last weekend we met Robert's whole family at Pickwick Lake.  We hadn't been in a few years and we were excited to take Ellington this time!  We arrived about an hour and a half before anyone else, so we did a little exploring before everyone got there!  We walked down to the water to check out some boats.  Ellington loved it!

Here's the cabin we stayed in!

We had so much fun once everyone got there!  Ellington especially enjoyed being thrown on the couch by Daniel. :)

Ellington loved playing with Connor and Brody!

After pizza on Friday night we all played Bingo!

Ellington actually won the first round!  Ha!  She loves the Cookie Monster that she won as her prize.  It's her new favorite bath toy!

This was our first time to spend a lot of time around Laura and Daniel's new dog, May.  Ellington was not so sure of May AT ALL!  She mostly wanted me to hold her if May was around. The picture below was one of the few times she wasn't upset!  She was brushing the dog's hair with Laura's Bingo prize...a pumice stone!

On Saturday morning we went to a nearby park.  

Saturday afternoon everyone, except for me, went on a boat ride.  I get TERRIBLY motion sick so I knew it wasn't a good idea for me to go.  Laura took some GREAT pictures and e-mailed them to me, but I am having trouble figuring out how to store them somewhere that I can then access them for the blog.  I feel like it shouldn't be so hard to do, but I am having trouble with it!  Anyway, once I get it figured out I will post some boating pictures because they are precious!

While everyone was gone Saturday afternoon I started feeling a migraine coming on and it just kept getting worse.  I haven't had one since January so it was kind of out of nowhere. (I feel like such a middle age boring person talking about migraines and motion sickness...I am so lame sometimes!)  We left after supper on Saturday night about 7:30 (Robert had to be back at church on Sunday morning for the position that he serves in) and the drive home was HORRIBLE.  I felt so so so sick.  Thankfully, Ellington was a doll baby.  She chatted to herself for about 30 or 45 minutes and then fell asleep!

We had a great weekend with everyone at the lake and look forward to doing it again!


  1. Sorry you had to deal with that pesky migraine. Hormonal changes can cause them at times...hint, hint...

  2. We had a great time at Pickwick with everyone! And absolutely LOVED spending the weekend with the cutest little niece in the whole world :) Hmm... I wish I could be more help with the pictures, but I am very much computer illiterate! I'll try and burn a cd and bring it to the bday party. Because they are really cute pictures!