Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Falling and Walking

Today we returned to school after having 5 days off.  When you only work M-W and you have a Monday holiday...well, you have a SUPER long weekend. :)  We enjoyed it immensely, but we had to get back to it today.  Ellington and I both had great days.....until we came home.  Every day before nap (and bed) I read to E, rock, sing, and then lay her down.  Same routine every time.  Today when I went to lay her down she started crying hysterically and saying "rock rock" so we went back to the chair and I rocked her to sleep.  No big deal, we've done this before.  I have always been able to just lay her down and leave, even though she always wakes up when I lay her down.  Well, she started SCREAMING.  Not just crying....this horrible horrible scream.  I couldn't calm her down and I didn't know what else to do than try to let her work it out.  About 1 minute later I hear a horrible "thud" and before I could even process it she was banging on her door.  She climbed over the rail and FELL OUT OF HER CRIB.  Oh my word.  She has NEVER attempted to climb out.  She doesn't even climb on our furniture!!!  She has never gotten on our couch or kitchen chair alone.  SHE DOESN'T CLIMB.  I had no reason to ever think I needed to fully lower the bed.  Until today.  I rocked her back to sleep and when I tried to lay her down she started screaming again.  Thankfully, Robert was at home.  Usually he's still sleeping at that time of day but since E's bedroom and our bedroom are right next to each other he clearly wasn't sleeping through all of the screaming!  Robert went in and rocked her and she let him lay her down.  THANK GOODNESS.  I have no idea what I would have done.  After sleeping about an hour she woke up screaming.  I went in her room and she fell right asleep on me.  I have no idea what in the world was going on!  I hope it was just a random event and not the start of a new habit.  She went down fine at bedtime tonight, but bedtime has always been much easier anyway.  We'll see how it goes tomorrow!

All of that to say, lowering Ellington's crib was on the TOP of Robert's to-do list this afternoon!

Ellington enjoyed jumping on her mattress!

The bed is as low as it will go now.  I am hoping this works for awhile longer.  I have NO desire to move her to a big girl bed right now!

By far the BEST part of today was the cooler temperatures.  Ya'll, I could NOT handle 100+ degrees one more day.  It was making me crazy!  It was totally effecting my mood and my ability to accomplish anything!  This weather is soooooo welcomed at our house.  I was finally able to stroll outside again!  Hooray!!!  I love strolling and we hadn't been in forever.  It was so nice getting my exercise in this evening rather than doing it on the treadmill after I put E to bed!  Although, now my little partner is able to carry conversations...this makes working out MUCH harder! :)  She kept trying to talk and ask questions and I could literally barely speak!  Her favorite question was, "What is that?"  

So, that was our day.  If your child ever fell out of their crib, leave me a comment telling me that it is totally normal. :)

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  1. This should make you feel a lot better, we had to lower isabel's mattress at around 7 months, she climbed (rather, threw herself over the top) out at 15 months, seriously, 15 months....we had to convert it to a toddler bed that day.