Monday, September 5, 2011

Cousin Time

On Friday we went up to Olive Branch to visit Brad, Julie, Connor, and Brody.  I did a terrible job of taking pictures, but we just enjoyed hanging out and letting the kids I didn't run around the whole time with my camera out. :)  Friday night we drove into Memphis to have supper with Daniel and Laura, but the rest of the time we just spent hanging out and letting the kiddos play.  It was SO different for Robert and I because Ellington would just go off with Connor and they would play together in his room.  It's really the first time that she's gone off and just done her own thing without us there.  It was kind of nice. :)  We checked in on her occasionally, but Connor is so sweet with her that we knew she wouldn't get into too much trouble!

Brody is getting so big and is all over the place!  Since Ellington wasn't mobile at all until she was 13 months old, it was so funny to see such a little guy getting around all by himself! :)

Breakfast time!  This was actually E's second breakfast.  She ate before Connor woke up, but when Connor went to the table she wanted to go too!

Reading together :)

We had a great visit and Ellington had a blast playing with her cousins!

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  1. Though it was quick, we were SO glad to see yall Friday night! Sounds like yall had a great rest of the visit! Can't wait to spend the weekend with yall at Pickwick!!