Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dancing in the Street

Last night Starkville had a downtown block party and it was SO much fun!  Starkville and MSU have really come a long way recently with promoting fun events on home football weekends.  It's a fun time to live in Starkville.  If I heard myself say that a few years ago I think I would have laughed.  I NEVER would have imagined still living in Starkville, but after living in here about eight years I think it's finally growing on me. :)

We started off the night eating at Mugshots.  I didn't think we would be able to eat outside on the balcony because I knew there would be a lot of people downtown already, but luckily we were able to get a table!

The block party started at 6:00 right as we were finishing up supper.  From where we were sitting we could hear and see the choir that was performing and as you can tell, Ellington was delighted by it!

Our big mission of the night was to try and get E's picture taken with Bully.  We have one from when she was about 6 months old, but needed a new one.  Here's Ellington's face when she first spotted him:

We finally worked our way up to Bully and she was NOT having it.  She kept saying she was scared.  As we were walking away she was delighted by him and waved like crazy.  :)  She LOVED him as long as he was very very far away!

We spent some time walking around and vising the bookstore and decided to try Bully again.  This time seemed promising.  The second Robert and E got near him she started freaking out.  This is the best we got:

We were so excited to run into our friends, The Hammetts!

Ellington would not let Robert put her down because she was afraid that at any second Bully would appear.  Well, after over an hour of carrying her around Robert's arms were quite tired!!!  We asked if she wanted to hold Katelyn's hands and that did the trick!

Ellington and her friends LOVED dancing in the street to the band.  It was precious!!!  They had a blast!  

Thanks Starkville! Your first block party was a huge success in our book!  As we were pulling in our driveway (sometime between 8 and 8:30), I said, "I'm so sad the night is over".  Robert said, "It doesn't have to be" and thew the Explorer into reverse.  We went out for icecream an hour past bedtime. :)  E finally got to sleep after 9:00 and she is still asleep as I type this (at 8:00 am).  What a fun night together!


  1. fun! you did way better than me on photos! i only have 1 to blog! ha!

  2. you look so pretty!!! i sort of would die to have your gorgeous hair. : ) this is such a fun thing and a great idea! rock the block!

  3. Looks like a good evening in StarkVegas. I thought Robert had to work.