Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Favorites {Search Engine}

I know it's really random to have a favorite search engine, but it's NOT totally random when that search engine helps you win FREE stuff!  Yes, free stuff.  I love Swagbucks because through my searches that I would do anyway, I have the possibility to win "swagbucks" which can then be used to get free gift cards from places like Target, Amazon, and Starbucks.  To maximize my ability to recieve swagbucks I search for EVERYTHING rather than go directly to a site.  For example, rather than going right to facebook because I know the name of the website, I use the swagbucks search engine to search for "facebook".  The more you search, the greater your chances of winning swagbucks!  Make sense?  I sure hope so!  Here is the link.  You should sign up and just search your little heart out....and then get some free stuff! :)  Over the past couple of years I have gotten $80 in free Target gift cards and $85 in Amazon gift cards.  That's pretty awesome for doing pretty much nothing to get them!  You do have to be patient though.  You don't win some great prize overnight, but eventually your bucks WILL add up and then it's so much fun to shop for free!  I've got some Amazon gift cards waiting right now to help Santa out at Christmas.  :)

Search & Win

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  1. so thank you for explaining this. i really had no clue how it works but i've always heard good things! thanks sweet gal!