Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

We were so happy to be able to all be home together today!  It was even better because it was dark and rainy all day long!  We had a slow morning and stayed in our pjs.  Ellington is loving "playing letters" these days!  It keeps her busy for quite awhile.

Robert got a great treat when he found out that they were going to build a Buffalo Wild Wings in Starkville.  This is one of his favorite restaurants and I don't think he ever dreamed there would be one in our little town!  It opened up in August about the same time school started so we hadn't been yet because we knew it would be packed with students.  Since it was a holiday (meaning most students are out of town) and pouring down rain, we thought lunch today would be the perfect time to go!  I must admit, I don't really care for the restaurant, but I am happy for Robert and wanted to be there for his first time. :)

And here was our rain guage when we got home from lunch!  It is even closer to being full right now.

After Ellington's nap this afternoon we finally got to go meet sweet Wade!  Our friends (and small group leaders), Todd and Stacie had Wade a couple of weeks ago.  Ellington had the stomach virus when he was born so we stayed away. :)  I was so happy to get to hold this sweet guy today!

We enjoyed the day together and are looking forward to FALL!!!  

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  1. you look so pretty holding that wade! your shirt is awesome. i love the cookie sheet for magnet letters. you're a genius.