Friday, September 23, 2011

Clean Carpets

This week we did something super exciting....we got out carpets cleaned!  Hooray!  Ha!  I was so so excited because our carpet has been needing it DESPERATELY....for years really!  So, we pretty much turned our house upside down to get as much furniture off of the carpet as possible.  Ellington and I stayed in Philadelphia for a couple of days since the house was such a mess and we didn't really need to be there when it was being cleaned or drying anyway.

Ellington LOVED having the furniture rearranged!  
(Quick story about the crocs she is wearing.... I HATE crocs.  Like, I really really hate them.  A sweet friend gave these to us because they didn't fit her little girl and Ellington LOVES them because she can take them on and off all by herself.  So, these are Ellington's "house" shoes and she can only wear them at home. :)  Haha...she would love the shoes I hate the most.)

Ellington loved having open space so much that we decided to leave it open for one more day.  She has had a blast having so much room to run and play in!

The carpet looks great and I am SO THRILLED to finally have it done! I don't know why we ever waited so long!

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  1. I bet Ellington thought all of that furniture moving was fun....gave her an entire new play place.