Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Little Packing and A Lot of Playing

When we got back from our 4th of July trip we had to get busy packing!  I think the picture below is the first official box we packed! :)

Ellington did a great job keeping herself entertained during the packing!

This was the first box that Ellington got in, but definitely not the last!

Ellington gets in dress up moods and as I was looking back through the pictures I realized she was definitely in a dress up mood during this week.

She requested I take her picture with Johnathan the giraffe.  

As you can see, Ellington loves to dress up and be girly.  You'll never guess what kind of birthday party she is having when she turns 3 in a few weeks.  That's right...a princess party! :)  And as I type this she is dressed up like Snow White.  


  1. Can't wait for the Princess party. It will be so much fun. She is at a good age for really understanding about this birthday party thing. She will have a blast.

  2. You might have to send me a pic of her I won't be surprised.