Thursday, September 20, 2012


So moving was kind of a big deal. :) Ha. As I mentioned in an earlier post we had a lot going on all at once.  And I forgot to mention that the week we moved was also the last week Robert worked at his old job.  So, yeah...we had a lot going on. :)  On top of that my parents also had a lot going on so they weren't able to keep Ellington so she tagged along for the whole experience.  She did GREAT though!  I planned on taking more pictures and do a better job of documenting the whole experience, but that did NOT happen.  I got a few pictures, but not many.  I guess I was otherwise occupied!

This stack grew and grew and grew!

We had to be completely out of our house by 4:00 on the Thursday we moved because the carpets were getting cleaned.  Robert decided to get the truck on Wednesday afternoon and go ahead and load the first load.  This ended up being a VERY good idea. (More on that in a minute!)

Robert's best buddy from college came from Natchez to help us move.  We SOOO appreciated his help!  This is the first thing they loaded!

Before Ellington went to bed she had to check out their progress. :)

And that's where my pictures end of the whole moving out experience!  We were only able to move our stuff into the garage and the dining room of our new house.  We closed on our old house on a Thursday and weren't able to close on our new house until Monday.  The homeowners (even though they weren't living there) wouldn't let us move in a few days early.  So anyway, back to moving.  Thursday was the big day to move all of our stuff to the new house and ya'll, it POURED down rain.  Not just kind of buckets and buckets and buckets.  It was actually dark outside.  It was NOT the day we planned. At all.  My sweet brother came and helped Robert and Reed.  We could not have done this without their help!  The poor guys were drenched!  It was sort of a disaster.  If they hadn't already loaded one load the day before, we would have been in TROUBLE!  What I thought was going to be a very fun/exciting day was not that way at all.  And I am not kidding when I say that as they took the last thing off the truck Thursday afternoon, it stopped raining and the sun started shining.  Ha.  Perfect!  We survived though!

So we had a few days of homelessness but we had a WONDERFUL place to stay.  We have some sweet friends with a condo in the Jackson area and we were able to stay there!  We had a blast!  Although the second night we were there I SOBBED and SOBBED that we sold our house.  Ha!!!!  I was SO upset about it.  Ya'll, I was crying like someone had died!  I guess it finally sunk it.  Poor Robert.  He probably thought I had lost my mind!

Pizza party by the water!

Ellington is a big fan of Wii American Idol :)

On Monday morning we closed on our new house!  VERY exciting!  Several weeks before we bought Ellington a doctor's kit and hid it away as a little "new house" present.  (Really we just wanted her to be busy once we got there!)  We got busy unpacking while she doctored her toys. :)

Our friends from Small Group, Michael and Todd, came and helped Robert move in furniture and put stuff back together!  We were so thankful for their help!

Whew, I am making progress.  I need to pick up my blogging pace so I can get caught all the way up before Ellington's birthday.  How can it be time for that again??!! :)  I mean, THREE??!!  That seems too old. :)

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