Friday, September 14, 2012

The Neshoba County Fair - Wednesday (The End)

Wednesday was our last day at the fair. :(  The fair didn't officially end until Friday and we usually stay until Saturday but I had a teacher work day on Thursday and parent room visits on Friday so obviously we had to leave.  I have never left the fair early.  It was so sad.  The fair that I was pregnant with Ellington I went back to Starkville for two days during the middle of the week because those were my last two days of teaching preschool.  But I came back for the end of the fair.  So anyway, all of that to say it was crazy just leaving before it was over!  Robert left on Monday to go back to work so he came back to get us on Wednesday.

I attempted a little impromptu photo session with Ellington on Wednesday morning.

We also had to get back to start doing lots of this...

So, we got back from the fair on Wednesday, I had a teacher work day on Thursday, parent room visits on Friday, school started Monday, we closed on our old house Thursday, were technically homeless for four days, then closed on our new house the following Monday.  Ummm....yeah, it was A LOT.  And STRESSFUL.

I finally made it through the summer. :)  I'll keep plugging at this until I get caught back up!   

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