Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Downtown Block Party

A few weeks ago we went to Starkville's downtown block party on a Friday night.  It definitely wasn't as much fun as last year (because it was hot and the new location wasn't as good), but we still had a pretty good time.  

We started off with icecream.  For whatever reason Ellington didn't sleep that day at naptime so we took her for icecream.  Ha.  I guess that doesn't really make sense....don't nap and we get icecream. :)  

Cutie pies!!!

We met our small group at Little Dooey's before the block party and then had a parade of strollers over to the block party!


When we got to the end of the parking lot where Bully was, Ellington LOST HER MIND.  I have never ever seen her so upset about anything before.  And she wouldn't settle with just not being near him....she wanted to be on the total complete opposite side of the parking lot.  

Todd and Wade got their picture taken though!  Wade wouldn't take his eyes off of Bully!

Michael, Mary Beth, and Thomas were with us too but somehow I didn't get a single picture of them!

Robert and Ellington ran from Bully and Ellington ended up in the jumper.  Ellington is lucky that it was Daddy that had her.  I am sooo uncomfortable with her being in those things with a bunch of crazy kids.  In fact, this was her first time to do a jumper at a public event.  She LOVED it though!

I did convince E to take a picture with the cheerleaders.  Afterwards that was all she would talk about. :)  

Since the block party was a little bit of a dud (and way too hot!) we went over to the Ketchum's to hang out for a little bit.  It was a fun start to the weekend!

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