Saturday, September 1, 2012

Destin Day 1

In June we went to Destin, Fl with my parents, Bryant, LeAnna, and Emerson.  My Dad has a meeting there every year and he is kind of enough to let us tag along. :)  Obviously the first day was spent mostly on the road.  Ellington did great!  She was SOOOOO excited about going to the beach.  I mean, really really really excited.  She had been anticipating "Going to the beach with Pop" for months.  

See those lovely clouds behind E and Grams?  There was a tropical storm a brewin'.  Yes, that turns out to be as exciting as you would imagine it to be. :/ More on that later!

We walked down to Baytown and had supper Acme Oyster House.

I took about a million of these two and it's the best I got. :)

This is one EXCITED girl! :)

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