Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Neshoba County Fair - Monday & Tuesday

I was very excited about Monday morning's activity: the clothesline art show!  I vividly remember doing this as a child.  It didn't turn out quite as magical as I pictured, but it was still fun. :)  The kids don't paint on benches under the trees like we use to AND the finished artwork doesn't actually hang on a clothesline at the square like it use to.  But ya know, I hadn't been to the portion of the fair in 20 or so years so I guess things have changed! :)

Ellington loves doing artwork so she was perfectly happy!

When we went to check out the paintings late Monday afternoon, we found out that Ellington had won 3rd place in the 2 year old division.  Ha!  :)

Uncle Bryant at it again :)

On Tuesday morning we went to the petting zoo!

After the petting zoo we took another walk through the Exhibit Hall.

Walking back to the cabin... :)

I went upstairs to put Ellington down for a nap and I came back down to find these two asleep on the swings...

Tuesday night was our last night to ride rides.  We had a blast but it was sooooo super hot that night!  


  1. Yikes! Well, you can tell I was actually asleep! When I pulled up your blog and saw a new fair post, I said "Yessss" out loud at work. :)

  2. Reagan had to get rested up to go to the midway with you all that night. And, Bryant, he had to rest up for another round of following Emerson around.