Friday, September 21, 2012

Ellington Around the House

August was mostly full of trying to get settled.  As I looked back through my pictures I realized that I only have pictures of Ellington doing various things.  So, this post is just full of Ellington around our house!  

We made chocolate chip banana bread one day!  She loves helping in the kitchen.

Supper in our new backyard :)

One of the things I am MOST excited about our new house is a new bath tub for E!  The one in our old house was kind of gross and never looked clean.  It also didn't drain well at all (when you took a shower you were standing in water) and Robert had to rig part of it with a paper clip (true story).  We also all had to share a bathroom so it was always hard with her toys and all of her "stuff".  It is wonderful having a nice, new tub and it being all Ellington's!

She loves to color!

Ellington set up a little party for her dolls.  This is the formal dining room that we are using as a playroom.  I hate the wall color, but hopefully we will be able to have it painted soon!

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