Saturday, September 29, 2012

Impromptu Party

Last Saturday we had a little impromptu party of sorts.  It started off with my Dad coming up for the football game.  Bryant and LeAnna wanted to go too but I couldn't keep Emerson because Robert was going to the game, I was babysitting a baby, and of course I had Ellington as well.  I didn't think I could handle all three kids by myself especially since it would be around bedtime.  So my Mom came too to help with the kids so that Bryant and LeAnna could go to the game.  Then Pappaw decided to come and hang out at the house during the game because he might not be able to come to Ellington's birthday party.  Then (do you see how this party is growing??!!), Reagan decided to surprise us and ride here with Bryant, LeAnna, and Emerson and hang out at the house during the game.  Thankfully I didn't have to feed all of these people at the last minute. :)  My parents picked up BBQ on their way.  This was the first time we have entertained any family at our house and it was FUN.  It was also kind of crazy that everyone from my side of the family was here and it wasn't even a planned thing!  

Dad deemed this table the "fun table".  And just for the record, I also sat at the fun table. :)

This was the group that went to the game!

Ellington and Emerson had a BLAST playing together outside!

This is sweet Sam.  I kept him some over the weekend.  He loved having lots of people to watch and new faces to pass him around! :)

Sunday our small group met at the park.  How big is she in a big girl swing??!!  Why can't she be in the baby swings forever? :)

And with that ladies and gentlemen...I am finally caught up!  Hooray!!!

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  1. Impromptu parties are the best! So glad you are back and caught up. From what I saw, love the kitchen!