Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ellington's 3rd Birthday Party {Princess Party}

Yesterday we had Ellington's 3rd birthday party!  I am still in denial that she is so old, but I threw her a party anyway. :)  This party was SO much fun to plan because Ellington is old enough to really get into the whole thing.  I am not a big party planning person.  It makes me verrry nervous and I usually just stressed out, but because I was so excited for Ellington I just enjoyed the whole process.  Seeing her excitement made everything fun and worthwhile!  We still basically just do a family party.  Mainly because when everyone is able to come it's a big group as is.  This year she is going to have a very small friend party/playdate.  It's going to be very low key with only three friends, two of which are sisters.  I think at this age it's best to be a little low key about it all.  That's what works best for us anyway!

This is Ellington at breakfast yesterday morning.  She was so so so excited!  Adorable.

Appropriately the theme was "princess".  Ellington is all things girly and princess.  I also decorated with pink, purple, and blue because Ellington will tell you that those are her favorite colors!

My precious girl!  

We moved all of E's toys out of her playroom (actually the dining room) and made it the party room! 

For party favors, we made "trash"/trail mix.

I made the banner that is around the table.  I told Robert if I ever get the sewing machine out again, to tell me to put it away. :)  It turned out cute but it was a labor of love.  Crafty/diy things are just not my thing.  I have finally come to terms with that fact.  I need to just accept it and move on. :)

Ellington thoroughly enjoyed her birthday lunch.  She ate and ate and ate and ate.

As any three year old would be, Ellington was SO excited about opening presents.  She was so serious about it too!

I included this picture because I love Ellington's little mouth.  She was trying soooo hard to contain how excited she was!

A tricycle!

Pop helped Ellington take her tricycle for it's first spin.

Ellington and Emerson decorated magic wands.

Trying to get a picture of them with their finished products didn't really work out. :)

We tried to do a little photo shoot outside, but it didn't really work.  At all.  This is the first picture that I took and it kind of went down hill from here.  You win some, you lose some. :)

Emerson's turn

We had a WONDERFUL party and were so thankful for everyone who came.  I think one of the best things about party days is that after everyone is gone and Mama and Daddy are sooooooooo tired, there are a ton of new toys to keep her occupied. :)  Thanks to everyone for helping us celebrate our sweet girl!

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  1. All the details are precious. Girl stuff is so fun!

    Happy 3rd b-day, sweet girl!