Sunday, September 2, 2012

Destin - Day 3

On Monday the rain stopped and we were able to go to the beach! It was definitely a different beach experience for several reasons...there were no chair and umbrellas available to rent (b/c of the weather), it was soooo overcast (almost dark at times), the wind pelted sand at us, and no one was allowed in the water. I was HAPPY however because we were out of the room and my baby finally got to play in the sand! She had been talking about digging with her bucket for months!!!

This was about as far as you could go before whistles would blow telling you to come back.  :)

Look at that sky!

Even though it wasn't as we had planned, Ellington had a great morning and that's all that really mattered!  After naptime we went to Destin Commons to meet up with our friends Michael, Mary Beth, and Thomas who happened to be in Destin at the same time as us.  Ellington was VERY unsure of the water fountains at first, but she warmed up and LOVED it until a big kid ran into her and knocked her down. :(

Ellington and Thomas checked out the boats for sale!  They couldn't convince us to buy one though. :)

After fun with our friends, the three of us headed to Harborwalk Village to meet up with the family for supper.

I think the highlight of the evening was the after supper train ride!

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  1. Yay for Internet and a fixed computer!! I enjoyed catching up!